Body Lift

A Total Staged Body Lift is offered when the abdomen has significant excess skin and fat and the the buttock area has sagged due to massive weight loss or unusual skin excess after pregnancies.  First a traditional full tummy tuck is performed. Second some  weeks later  a lifting of the buttock area is performed.  The resultant scars join and are generally in the area of the belt line.  This procedure is sometimes the only way to restore a pleasing body contour.  The recovery time is similar to a full tummy tuck since the buttocks lift is usually faster to heal.  However, the patient must avoid fully  bending over for at least six weeks.  So touching your toes as exercise is out during this time period!

Tummy Tuck Completed as Stage 1

Back View Before Surgery

View with patient lifting sagging buttocks

Patient Marked for Skin Removal

Final result with lifting of buttocks

As with abdominoplasty or tummy, the procedures are performed under IV sedation anesthesia with tumescent local anesthesia.  A compression garment must be worn for about four to six weeks. Strenuous exercise must be avoided for approximately eight weeks. 

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