Breast Lift

Breast aging is a natural process, which causes drooping of the breast over time. Pregnancy, breast-feeding, heredity, and weight fluctuations sometimes accelerate this process. Breast implants alone will not correct significant breast drooping.

Breast Lifting or Mastopexy is a series of different operations designed to tighten the breast skin and reposition the drooping breast and nipple/areola in a more superior and usually youthful position. This may be accomplished with or without the use of breast implants.



Whenever possible the scars used in breast-lifting procedures are hidden in areas that are not visible or barely visible. However, in severely drooping breasts, the scars are sometimes visible when the patient is not wearing any clothing. Often, these scars improve with time to a thin white line. Usually breast-lifting procedures cause minimal pain and discomfort, as well as, disruption of normal daily activities, with many patients returning to work related activities in less than one week. Full recovery usually takes three weeks, during which time strenuous physical activities must be avoided.



These procedures are usually performed under IV or intravenous sedation similar to that used for breast augmentation.

Minor breast drooping is often caused by relative deflation of the breasts after significant sustained weight loss, or with breast-feeding. These patients are ideal candidates for breast augmentation alone if skin elasticity is good. If skin elasticity is marginal, breast augmentation may still be the best alternative if the patient is willing to accept some breast droop as a trade off for having larger breasts.



Very large breasts which droop are usually treated with breast reduction surgery, which is a variation of lifting which removes some of the excess breast tissue and excess skin.


A thorough consultation with your cosmetic surgeon is the only way to decide which is the best procedure for you.





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