Breast Reduction

Overgrowth of breast tissue or mammary hypertrophy is a great cause of concern for many women, both from a cosmetic and physical/psychological standpoint. In women with significant enlargement of the breasts the physical concerns of back/neck pain, rash underneath the breast and numbness of the breasts or arms cause them to seek consultation for reduction of breast size. In others, their limitation of physical activities may be a major motivating factor. Some women, however, feel the out-of-proportion size of their breasts is not compatible with their desired body image. Whatever the motivation, breast reduction surgery may address all of these concerns.



Breast reduction surgery actually encompasses a spectrum of surgeries that are designed to reduce the size of the breasts in order to create a more pleasing form. In large reductions, the physical complaints are addressed as well. Creating smaller, less heavy breasts often resolve the physical complaints listed above that are associated with very large and heavy breasts.



Breast Reduction is usually carried out through an incision that resembles an anchor. The upper part of the incision is hidden around the areola or pigmented skin, with a vertical component extending from the bottom of the nipple/areola complex down to the crease under the breast where the horizontal portion of the anchor shaped incision is hidden. In most individuals, the minimally visible breast scars are a welcomed trade off for having smaller more attractive and less cumbersome breasts.

In some individuals, the physical limitations of having very large breasts allow their surgery costs to be covered by standard medical insurance policies.



When breast reduction is performed for purely cosmetic reasons, the return to a proper proportion of the breast with the other features of the woman’s body is well worth the expense.


Breast Reduction surgery is usually performed in the office surgical suite under IV or Intravenous Sedation and causes minimal postoperative discomfort. Most individuals may return to normal daily activities and non-strenuous work schedules in approximately one week. Full recovery and return to normal exercise usually takes three to six weeks.  If you think you may be a candidate for breast reduction, call us today to set up a thorough consultation.



Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction is usually performed for a condition called Gynecomastia which may occur at any age causing male breasts to develop.  In many males this is an embarrasing condition and they frequently limit social activities and sporting activities due to it.  The male breast reduction is usually performed through a limited periareolar incision which is easily hidden.  Sometimes the abnormal breast is made up mainly of fat and then liposuction through very small incisions is offered.  Recovery from both conditions is rapid.  Sporting activities are resumed within three to  six weeks.

Before Liposuction of Breasts 

After Liposuction of Breasts

Before Non Flex View

After Direct Excision of Gynecomastia Non Flex View

Before FlexView

After Direct Excision of Gynecomastia Flex View- Nothing But Pecs!




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