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Contrary to popular belief the modern method of hair transplantation was not invented by a well advertised national hair transplant company.  You know who they are.  In fact the modern methods of micrograft and minigraft hairtransplants were invented by two Japanese doctors who published their techniques in an obscure Japanese medical journal in the late 1940's !  Their work got lost due to World War II and was not reinvented until the late 1980's when an American surgeon started to transplant single hairs to reconstruct lost eyelashes. 



This became the impetus to make grafts look more natural if not undetectable by reducing the size of the grafts and doing larger and larger numbers of grafts per session, with some groups transplanting as many as 3000 plus grafts at one time.  However this makes for a very long day for the patient.


Today we strive to transplant "follicular units" of hair which represents the way the hair grows naturally in one, two  or three hairs per unit along the hairline.  Larger grafts are used farther behind the hairline to add density more quickly but still remain unnoticeable.





The donor hair is taken from the back and sides of the head where the patient's genetics have programmed it not to fall out in the presence of the hormone Testosterone as the patient ages.  The best candidates are those who have lost a third or less of their natural hair and have good hair density in the donor sites.  Although it may take several sessions to achieve reasonable density and assure that all the grafts grow, it is worth it.  How do I know?  Well I personally have 1750 hair transplants which were done almost twenty years ago and no one knows that I have them.  Not only am I the Director of Ponte Vedra Cosmetic Surgery, I'm also a patient.  Sorry, I couldn't resist that.

So if you want an honest asessment of what follicular hair transplantation can do for you, come in for a consult to see if you are candidate for this truly amazing technique. 



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