The modern technique of blunt cannula liposuction was invented by Yves Gerard Illouz, an OB-GYN surgeon in Paris in the early 1980’s. Later, a California dermatologist, Jeffery Klein, invented tumescent liposuction, a technique that used large volumes of very dilute local anesthetic solution during the procedure to dramatically reduce the blood loss with this operation to negligible amounts. This modification to the technique allowed greater amounts of fat to be removed safely and painlessly at one sitting.



Ideal candidates are individuals who are following a reasonable program of diet and exercise, are less than thirty pounds over their ideal body weight and who have localized fat deposits that are resistant to both diet and exercise. People who are up to fifty pounds over their ideal body weight may be candidates, however, each individual must be evaluated on a case by case basis. Liposuction is not a weight loss technique and it is not a substitute for reasonable diet and exercise. When and individual maintains their body weight after liposuction, the areas that have been treated with liposuction are permanently reduced. Overeating will cause generalized increase in body fat and weight gain. Many patients are encouraged to go on a carbohydrate limiting diet such as the Atkins diet or South Beach diet to help maintain their result, since many patients seem to be carbohydrate intolerant.



The procedure is usually performed under light IV or Intravenous sedation with tumescent local anesthetic solution or Klein’s solution. The recommended safe level of fat removal at one sitting in the State of Florida is the planned removal of 4 liters (about one gallon) of pure fat. Individuals commonly have more than one site treated at one time, i.e. abdomen and love handles or inner and outer thighs, arms, male breasts or the upper and lower back. The recommended procedure(s) can only be arrived at after a thorough consultation with your surgeon. This is usually accomplished through physical examination, photos and comparison with photos of other patients who have had similar procedures.



After surgery, a light compression garment is worn for one to three weeks depending on the areas treated. The procedure is relatively painless and discomfort is likened to muscle soreness after a hard work out. Most individuals return to normal daily activities in one to two days and to normal exercise in one to three weeks. The subtle swelling and slight numbness of the areas treated will normally take one to three months to totally resolve.




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