Skin Care

Botox and Dysport

Nothing has revolutionized skin care more than the  introduction of the botulinum toxins to prevent wrinkle formation in all ages. In combination with other skin treatments and avoidance of too much sun exposure, our patients have seen dramatic improvment and maintenace of a youthful complexion. 


Call us today for a thorough evaluation of your skin's needs.    

Obagi and Retin-A​

The key to youthful skin is protection from the sun, wrinkle suppression and exfoliation.  No combination of Rx medications works better than the Obagi Skin Care System in concert with Retin-A.  Together they have an additive effect to allow maintenance of uniform skin color, fine wrinkle reduction with gentle longterm exfolliation. Dr. Smith and his staff will be happy to see if these products are right for you.  Call us.   


Laser Skin Treatments

Sometimes through the normal aging process or through environmental factors the skin becomes so damaged that laser therapy is advisable. There are many different types of laser therapy for the skin and Dr. Smith and the staff of Ponte Vedra & Palencia Cosmetic Surgery will evaluate you skin damage and recommend the one that is right for you. These lasers range from no downtime to maximal effect. Come in today and let us look.


You are only a phone call away from an amazing transformation


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