Thigh Lift

Sometimes with pregnancy and weight gain/loss the inner part of the thigh can develop unsightly exess skin which makes it difficult to wear clothes or a bathing suit.  This area is one area of the body which requires some excess skin to allow free movement of the legs outward.  When there is too much of an excess it becomes quite noticeable.  In these cases a thigh lift with or without liposuction may be recommended to tighten the area.  The scar is usually hidden in the thigh crease and may be extended toward the buttock crease if needed in more severe cases.  In mild cases of fullness of the tissues, liposuction alone may be all that is indicated. 



 Same Patient As Pictured Above 2 Years After Surgery

Thigh lifts are normally performed under light IV sedation and local anethesia and the recovery time to return to "normal activities" is approximately two to three weeks.  Vigorous sporting activities should be avoided for at least six weeks. 



If you think you are a candidate for the thigh lifting procedure, we invite you to schedule a consultation to see if this procedure is right for you.





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