Rhinoplasty or Cosmetic Nasal Surgery

Rhinoplasty has been practiced for many years as a method to reshape noses with large humps, deformed tips or disfigurements as a result of traumatic injuries. Septoplasty or reshaping of the internal dividing wall of the nose is often combined with rhinoplasty to improve breathing. Since the nose is the central feature of the face, an unattractive nose may detract from desirable facial features by being out of proportion, thus drawing others attention away from the eyes during normal conversation. A normal appearing nose should blend in with other facial features, as well as, compliment the cheekbones and chin.



Rhinoplasty is normally performed under IV or intravenous sedation. The operation may be performed "open" requiring a small undetectable external incision hidden across the columella, or the part of the nose, which separates the nostrils, OR "closed" with all incisions hidden inside the nose. The procedure usually causes minimal discomfort and bruising, and requires avoidance of strenuous physical activities for one to two weeks. A nasal "splint" or protective device is usually worn over the nose for one week after surgery. Most of the swelling is gone in one to two weeks, however, the subtle changes of rhinoplasty will often take six months to a year to appreciate. The changes from rhinoplasty are often quite dramatic in producing a more well balanced and attractive face.



If you feel you are a candidate for cosmetic septorhinoplasty, please call our office today to set up a thorough consultation to discuss your options.






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